The WORST Type of Fish For Your Health


…these fish could lead to heart problems and fat gain if you’re not careful!

For years now, doctors and cardiologists have urged people to eat more fatty fish in order to cut down on their heart disease risk.

(I know it sounds strange, but not all fat is unhealthy.  Eating FATTY fish may slim your belly and could decrease your risk for heart disease. We highly recommend eating THIS fatty fish over any others.)


Fish contains some of the healthiest fats known to man (omega-3 fatty acids).  Not only do these fats reduce heart disease factors like blood pressure and cholesterol…

…they may also lower insulin and suppress appetite—which could help you lose weight!

You see, fish is one of the healthiest, leanest forms of protein out there!  It’s low in calories, but high in fat—mostly the omega-3 fatty acids.


You do need to be warned!  There are some fish out there that are WORSE for you than JUNK FOOD is.

In fact, we have picked out THREE of the worst fish offenders when it comes to protecting your heart and losing weight.

The 3 WORST Belly-Bloating Fish

There are many wonderful attributes to fish.  Not only are they one of the leanest proteins around (helps build lean muscle mass, which boosts your metabolism), it also contains some of the healthiest fats around (in the form of the omega-3 fatty acids).

But, just like how healthy fats are not BAD for you…

…some fish may not be good for you either!   Just take the THREE examples from below.  Although these fish LOOK like great and healthy choices…

…they could be unhealthier options than most junk food! 

What are the worst ones?  Just check out the list below:

1. Atlantic Salmon

Yes, Atlantic salmon has made the list—and not for the reason you may be thinking.  Most Atlantic salmon is farm-raised—meaning a lot of fish are enclosed in a pen and fed a diet to make them grow.

The only problem with this type of diet is it is mainly grain-based.  And eating this type of diet has been shown to increase the amount of omega-6 fats in the fish and cuts down on the healthy omega-3’s.

Plus, having a lot of fish in one area increases the risk for fish ingesting the waste and industrial pollutants and are often dyed pink in order to make it look more appealing to the consumer.

2. Tilapia

Even though it is very easy on the wallet, tilapia is one of the worst fish you could eat.

They are loaded with omega-6 fatty acids and may be far more inflammatory than bacon, burgers, or even donuts.

The reason why they are so unhealthy?  Again, they are farmed-raised and fed mainly a corn or grass-fed diet. 

If there is one fish to stay away from, tilapia would be it!

3. Swordfish

My mom would be very upset to find out swordfish made the list.  This fish contains dangerously high levels of mercury, which could post tremendous dangers to your health.

Mercury, which is also a endocrine disruptor, may trick your body into holding fat (and men, it could LOWER your testosterone levels, which could result in hard-to-get-rid of fat and man boobs).

But that’s not the worst part: Mercury may also lower Leptin levels in your body, which could lead to uncontrolled appetite!

So there you go…

Another reason why you need to do your due diligence (just like we have) when looking at purchasing fish at the supermarket!

There are some fish that you could consider eating.  Fish that are smaller and lower on the food chain may be less likely to contain pollutants, pesticides, or mercury.

Fish, such as scallops, shrimp, and muscles are less likely to contain dangerous chemicals that could destroy your health and increase your fat gain.


If you’re taking fish oil to improve your health, you may be shocked to know that some commercial fish oil contains mercury, PCB’s, and other pollutants.  Plus, the omega-3 fatty acids may not be readily used (or available) to your body to protect your health.

Not only are these fish awful for your health, they could actually harm your metabolism and pack on belly fat.


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