This 1 Food Product Is Pumping This Dangerous Chemical Into Our Bodies

You may think that becoming overweight – or even obese – is due simply to a much lazier lifestyle and poor food choices.

And, on the outside, you would be correct!

But, a new study recently published adds a new level of intrigue to the global rise in youth and adult obesity.

And, it has nothing to do with lack of exercise or poor food choices…

BPA and Being Overweight

The chances are pretty good that you know someone that is carrying around a little bit of extra weight.

It may be due to an inactive lifestyle…

Poor food choices at breakfast, lunch, or dinner…

Or the fact that their diet is heavy on the chocolate, and light on the fruits and veggies!

Whatever the reason, the rise in overweight and obese adults is increasing.

However, not as fast as the RISE in overweight or obese children, that is!

And a new study shows, that it may not just be the common problems associated with becoming overweight (lazy, poor diet, etc.).

BPA – which is a powerful endocrine disruptor – has been linked to many different health issues including cancer, infertility, WEIGHT GAIN, and others.

Now, a new study shows that children with high levels of BPA in their systems, may also be susceptible to gaining weight.

Here’s what they found:

First, after adjusting for different factors, they determined that children with the HIGHEST levels of BPA in their urine, were associated with a two-fold increase in the risk of having their weight greater than the 90th percentile.

Next, they found that they associated higher BPA levels with a higher risk for being overweight or obese.

They concluded:

“Our study suggests that BPA could be a potential new environmental obesogen. Widespread exposure to BPA in the human population may also be contributing to the worldwide obesity epidemic.”

Is Your Water Bottle Safe?

Yes, there is a sharp increase in overweight or obese adults.

And, yes, part of the explosion has to do with inactivity and poor food choices.

But, there may be something else causing the increase in global obesity levels.

The chemical BPA – that is found in some water bottles, can liners, and other common household products – may be one cause for the increased levels.

A new study shows that the higher the BPA level, the higher your risk – and your children’s risk – is for becoming overweight.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, then adopting a healthier lifestyle that includes the use of BPA-free products may be needed.




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Li DK, Miao M, Zhou Z, Wu C, Shi H, Liu X, Wang S, Yuan W.  Urine Bisphenol-A Level in Relation to Obesity and Overweight in School-Age Children.  PLoS One.  2013;8(6):e65399:doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0065399.

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