Are you currently supplementing your diet with Fish Oil?

Did you know that you could be providing a great DISSERVICE to your health and your body?

Although fish oil has been shown to be effective at improving your health, it may not be the BEST type of oil out there...

In fact, there is something much MORE EFFECTIVE at improving your health than fish oil.

You see, increasing your essential fatty acid intake, DHA and EPA, research suggests, may improve cholesterol levels and lower other risk factors for heart disease.

Now, these essential fatty acids can be found in fish oil, but they are also found in many other foods and marine sources..

And, more importantly, the DHA and EPA found in fish oil may not be fully ABSORBED by your body, therefore robbing your body of the potential HEALTH BENEFITS.


Krill oil, on the other hand, has the potential to be better absorbed by your body, possibly increasing your fatty acid levels in your blood.

Let me explain…

Krill Powerful Antioxidants

You see, the structure of fish oil and Krill oil are different.  The DHA and EPA that is found in fish oil are typically bound by a triglyceride backbone.

But the problem: The EPA and DHA, many tudies suggest, may NOT FULLY get absorbed by your body.

In fact, it can be excreted by your intestines, leaving you with very little EPA and DHA circulating in your blood.

And the remaining EPA and DHA that is left is then transported to your liver where it is further processed and bound to choline.

This could allow the EPA and DHA to travel through your body and enter into your cells, whoch could be the most overwhelming difference between Krill oil and Fish oil.

The difference in the structural makeup makes Krill oil far SUPERIOR.

You see, Krill oil is already attached to a phospholipid backbone.

And if you remember anything from biology, you should recall that all of your cells contain a phospholipid structure.

So why is this important?

This could allow the DHA and EPA to enter into your cell easier.

Because, as you can see, krill oil already contains CHOLINE and ASTAXANTHIN in its structure.

This could allow for better absorption by your body.

It could also prevent FISH BURPS, which you commonly get from taking rancid fish oil supplements.

But be careful, krill and fish oil may equally be rancid.

The one drawback to both krill and fish oil is how it is harvested and manufactured.

If your krill or fish oil have been sitting in barrels for awhile, or its improperly handled, than it could actually degrade your product and the oil inside.

And no antioxidant, no matter how STRONG and potent, have the ability to prevent rancidity.

So if you have ever experienced fish burps after taking your fish oil supplement, then you should look into a new supplement.

Look for a product that has passed stringent testing procedures and manufacturing processes. 

Let me explain a little bit further about the power of CHOLINE and ASTAXANTHIN…

Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that is usually found on the end of the EPA molecule.

The one difference between Krill and fish oil? Astaxanthin is NATURALLY found in Krill Oil.

Some clinical studies show that Astaxanthin could prevent EPA and DHA from breaking down and becoming rancid.

This could just be the BIGGEST advantage Krill oil has over fish oil.

Fish oil lacks this powerful antioxidant, which could breakdown the fatty acids.

But Krill oil also packs a powerful punch with OTHER POWERFUL antioxidants.

Krill oil naturally contains vitamin A, E, and D, plus Astaxanthin.

And if you don't know just how powerful this combination is, take a look at the ORAC value!

ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorpance Capacity and it determines how powerful antioxidants are at destroying reactive oxygen species (ROS), or better known as free radicals.

Krill oil, according to countless research studies,  may be 47 TIMES MORE POWERFUL than fish oil at stopping free radicals.

The Research

There are many clinical studies that discuss the power of omega-3 fatty acids and fish oil and your health, as there are also studies regarding the power of Krill oil and your health.

Even though Krill oil has lower levels of EPA and DHA, your body ABSORBS the DHA and EPA more rapidly and could provide more benefit than regular fish oil.

Don't believe me?  Check out this one study that
PROVES krill is more effective.

Researchers in Norway wanted to assess the benefits of both Krill and Fish oil on certain health parameters.

The study looked at 115 people with normal, or slightly elevated. cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

They were placed in a placebo group (no pills), a fish oil group, or a krill oil group.

Each group ingested six Krill oil capsules or three fish oil capsules (depending on the group) daily for seven weeks.

In the groups receiving the supplements, they noticed a SIGNIFICANT increase in blood concentrations of EPA and DHA.

However, there was no statistical difference in the changes to blood lipid profiles in either group.

Furthermore, both the Krill oil and fish oil were effective at reducing markers for oxidative stress and inflammation.

However, even though Krill oil contained 62.8% LESS EPA and DHA, they found it was more EFFECTIVE and POWERFUL than fish oil.

In another study, researchers wanted to assess is fish oil or krill oil could reduce liver triglyceride levels more effectively.

They fed rats a diet enriched with 2.5% Krill oil or 2.5% fish oil.

They found the Krill oil diets lowered liver triglyceride levels and cholesterol more effectively than those supplemented with fish oil.

So can you now see the POWER of Krill oil?

The Power of Krill

There is no doubt you need more omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. as a whole we consume more omega-6 fatty acids than we do omega 3’s.

The meats you consume, chances are, could be fed a combination of corn and soy, which could increase omega-6 fatty acid levels, therefore altering the omega-3 to omega-6 ratio.

And high levels of omega-6 fatty acids, research suggests, may increase inflammation, which could lead to a host of chronic diseases.

Finding a good animal or marine source of omega-3 fatty acids has been shown to be more beneficial to your health.

Omega-3 fatty acids may:

• Reduced LDL cholesterol

• Reduced liver triglyceride levels

• Reduce hypertension

• Prevent certain cancers

• Slow or prevent Parkinson’s Disease

• Prevent depression

• Prevent cognitive disorders

• Alleviate PMS symptoms

• and MUCH more…

It should come as no surprise that increasing OMEGA-3 fatty acids may be VITALLY important to your health.

If you do not like fish, or can’t seem to find grass-fed beef, then your best bet might be to take a Krill Oil supplement.

Including a high-quality Krill oil supplement, countless studies suggest, could increase your dietary EPA and DHA levels.

And this could have the potential to improve your HEALTH.

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