The 5 Reasons Why You Should Sleep NAKED (all the time)


…the 5 benefits you get from sleeping in the buff may improve your life!

In case you haven’t heard, sleeping is probably one of the best things you can do for your body.  During sleep, your body has a chance to repair damaged cells and help you feel refreshed and ready for the following day.

Sleeping also holds some pretty tremendous benefits for your health—from better blood pressure control to weight loss.

But there is one serious problem associated with sleeping—and that would be lack of sleep.  And unfortunately, millions of people around the world don’t get nearly enough sleep…

…or even come close to the recommended 8 to 10 hours of sleep per night!  Instead, most people (like you) may only get 6 hours per night (and that may be stretching it), which could be harming their health and sending their weight through the roof.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  In fact, there is a very simple trick you can start doing today that could improve your sleep and help maximize your health for the long term.

The trick is SLEEPING NAKED! 

I know it sounds strange (since most of us don’t sleep in our birthday suit), but sleeping naked could be one of the best ways to improve health…lose weight …and control health risks associated with heart disease, diabetes, and others.

The Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked…

If you’re not someone who sleeps in the nude, you may start to do so after you read this article.  Most people may be picturing a nude hippie getting ready for bed, but it’s so much more.

Sleeping nude is primal…(do you think cavemen slept in clothes all the time?)  The simple act of stripping away your clothes could balance out your hormones, improve mental health, and could even improve the quality of your sleep (and life in general).

If you haven’t given it a try yet, here are FIVE reasons why you should.

1. Balances out Cortisol Levels

One of the biggest benefits of sleeping naked is that is cools you down, which helps you regulate your body temperature, therefore helping you get better sleep.

But better is sleep is only the tip of the iceberg.  Lower temperatures may help your body balance out cortisol levels, which could be good for your overall fat loss.

Cortisol, which is known as the stress hormone, may be higher throughout the day.  Higher cortisol levels have been shown to raise blood pressure, impact your cholesterol, and may even lead to weight gain.

Although cortisol is needed to protect your health, excessive levels are just plain awful for your body—and your weight loss.

Cortisol has been shown to promote fat storage and may increase your appetite, therefore causing a ballooning of your waistline.

But sleeping naked may control (and stabilize) cortisol levels, therefore preventing some of the ill-effects of this powerful stress hormone.

2. Improves Sleep and Sleep Patterns

Sleeping naked may actually improve sleep quality.  The reason is because sleeping in the nude is directly related to how cool you are at night.  

During sleep, your body temperature starts to cool off and lower.  And the cooler you are, the better you can sleep.

However, when you wear pjs, your body may have a harder time cooling off and staying cool throughout the night.

Studies show that some cases of insomnia may be caused by higher-than-normal temperatures during sleep.

Sleeping naked, however, may help stabilize your body temperature, therefore keeping you cooler and balancing out cortisol levels.

3. Better Body Composition

If you remember previously, I mentioned how sleeping naked could lower cortisol levels, which could aid in the weight loss battle.

However, sleeping naked may also increase growth hormone levels—all due to your body being at a lower (better) internal temperature.

Growth hormone, which impacts every cell in your body, is needed to help repair tissue, bones, and other cells.

When you are too hot at night, cortisol levels rise, which could lower your growth hormone levels!

Those who slept less than 6 hours per night, studies suggest, could see an increase in hunger hormones and insulin, therefore emphasizing fat storage and not fat loss.

4. Boost Calorie Burn

I know it may sound silly, but sleeping naked may help your body burn more calories throughout the day—even when you sleep!

You see, your body contains small patches of brown fat, which is a type of fat that uses fatty acids to create heat.

And when you sleep naked—in a colder room—your body may be able to increase the activity of brown fat stores, therefore enabling you to burn more calories.

Plus, one study showed that men sleeping in lower temperatures were actually able to increase brown fat mass, which helped them control calories throughout the day.

(The men showed very little in direct weight loss, but their insulin sensitivity improved and calorie expenditure was up throughout the day and night.)

5. Controls and Lowers Your Blood Pressure

Yes, sleeping naked may also help lower your blood pressure—a major risk factor for heart disease.

Studies show that sleeping naked—next to your partner—may increase the production of oxytocin, a powerful hormone found to elicit may different health benefits.

One, of which, happens to be lower blood pressure!

But oxytocin goes much further than that for protecting your heart and boosting overall health.

Besides lowering blood pressure, it may also help control anxiety and boost your immune system.

The Final Wrap (or unwrap)

Sleeping has been shown to help with weight loss and improve your health.

However, not everyone gets the recommended 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night.  One way to improve your sleep is to sleep NAKED.

Not only does it help you sleep better and longer…

…it may improve many different aspects of your health—including lowering blood pressure, controlling cortisol levels and the release of growth hormone, and many others.

If you’re not sleeping completely naked then you may want to think about giving it a try!

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