POWERFUL Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed

You are getting older.

Your body is not the same as it was 20 years ago or even 5 years ago.

Your joints creak in the morning and it takes you longer to get moving in the morning.

But the worst part of it all, it may take you longer to REMEMBER things.

Aging may be associated with declines in strength, endurance, bone mass, and hormone levels.

And it may lead to increased inflammation, which may lead to dysfunction in some of your bodily systems.

But there is a new guy in town.

And he hails from the southern-most part of the world.

He’s small.

He’s purple.

He may be full of POWERFUL anti-aging, inflammation-fighting super nutrients.

And these super nutrients may be key to slowing age-related memory decline.

Let me explain…

Aging and Inflammation

As you get older, your body starts to slow down.

Your connective tissue may start to stiffen.

Arthritis may form in your joints.

And your memory may start to decline.

All this may be associated with increased inflammation.

Inflammation may slowly diminish areas of your brain responsible for memory, learning, and movement.

And this decline may start from increased inflammation in your brain cells.

But inflammation is not the only one to blame.

Oxidative stress AND inflammation may be the root causes for brain function decline as you age.

Eliminating inflammation and oxidative stress may improve memory and brain function.

Incorporating Acai berry may provide powerful antioxidants that may reverse inflammation keeping your brain healthy and young.

Give me a minute here…

Acai and Memory

One reason why Acai is so powerful is the antioxidant levels contained in this superfruit.

And these powerful antioxidants may possess the power to scavenge free radicals, possibly reducing the damage they cause.

But in the brain, they may possess an even BIGGER purpose.

Researchers aimed to see how powerful these nutrients were at stopping pro-inflammatory cytokines in mice brains.

Their results were AMAZING.

The researcher isolated specific cells in mice brains, BV-2 cells, and subjected them to fractions of Acai pulp.

BV-2 cells are immune cells in your brain, which may protect your brain cells from oxidative stress and inflammation.

The BV-2 cells that were treated to Acai pulp significantly decreased nitrite production and inducible nitrous oxide.

They also noted decreases in COX-2, mitogen-activated protein kinase, TNF-α, and NF-κB, which may be pro-inflammatory mediators.

The researchers concluded that Acai pulp may have protective effects on brain cells, and that this protection may improve cognitive and motor functions.

Acai and your Health

Age-associated decline in cognitive and motor function may be linked to increased inflammation of your brain cells.

Powerful antioxidants may decrease inflammation by decreasing damage associated with free radicals, and halting the production of pro-inflammatory mediators.

Acai berry, which is a small purplish berry that tastes like tropical fruit, may contain powerful antioxidants.

The powerful antioxidants found in the Acai berry may decrease pro-inflammatory mediators in your brain, allowing for less inflammation.

Decreased inflammation may improve cognitive function and motor control, and even improve heart health.

And this may slow the aging process, keeping your brain younger and healthier for a long time!

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